Margaret Harris Traditional Grandmothers & Grandfathers Cultural Society

Margaret Harris Traditional Grandmothers & Grandfathers Cultural Society incorporated Sept 2010, evolving out of Traditional Mothers Dance Society founded in 1989.

The Society hosts Traditional Prairie & West coast cultural workshops to the general public based on the Medicine Wheel shared thru Traditional Performance & Education at Ray Cam Community Centre.

Margaret Harris teaching vision was given to her by the Creator prior to coming to Vancouver to teach at the Indian Homemakers.

As a Seasoned Foster Parent ,Shop keeper, Social Justice Supporter, Cultural Leader, Motivator, Cree Pipe Carrier, Cree & West coast Song Carrier, Cree Princess, Catholic and devoted wife to the late Gitxsan Chief Kenneth Harris she implemented her first traditional teaching that is reflected in her curriculum,way of life and the society’s bylaws;

The Creator give us all gifts. Gifts are meant to be shared. It is up to us to learn our gifts so that we can share them.

By keeping at the Creator of the Society, Margaret Harris and members of the society have been sharing thier gifts in Traditional Education & Performance using Traditional styles & methods where no one is turned away and where all people from the four directions are welcome, over 200 people have reunified with their Aboriginal identity..and in some cases identities. During the reunification process individuals have overcome their internalized barriers whether it be Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Low Self Esteem, Depression to reclaim their lives

To bring traditional Aboriginal culture from across the nation to the general public. We do this through song,dance, and traditional teaching and by example of our lives.